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Tree Removal - Axetion Tree Services

Axetion Tree Services offer Melbourne’s south east and bayside suburbs a complete tree removal service. The Melbourne tree removal and pruning experts can take care of all of your Melbourne tree removal and pruning, stump removal, earthmoving and demolition as well - a complete range of tree services is just a phone call away!

Any tree from large to small, dead or dangerous, storm damaged or overhanging power lines/houses - we are equipped to remove them all. All tree removal is performed whilst maintaining our number one priority: to work in a safe and efficient manner, while ensuring no damage to your property or its possessions.

Axetion Tree Services can also either assist you in getting council permits or obtain your council permits on your behalf to make your experience hassle free and easy.

Remember not all trees have to be removed!!
If your trees are getting too big for your property or they start to look like they need a health check, there are many options we can show you before you remove the tree completely. If you are not sure you want to remove the tree or would like to see if there is any other option than complete removal, please ask Axetion Tree Service's friendly staff when obtaining your quote.

The Melbourne tree removal and pruning specialists, Axetion Tree Services deliver a range of tree removal services including:

  • Tree pruning and dead wooding
  • Tree crown clearing/uplifting and thinning
  • Tree clean out/dangerous limb removal
  • Removal of braches obstructing footpaths, fences, driveways, electricity and phone lines
  • Removal of branches overhanging houses or public areas
  • Fence line clearing
  • Storm damage prevention
  • Tree reports
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal


Here is one of our experienced climbers tackling a removal of a spotted gum in a small rear yard. This tree was dismantled by lowing all limbs and the trunk by lowering devices (rope), as our client had recently landscaped her yard with mature plants and did not want any damage to occur.

This large tree was removed as a fungal disease had weakened the trees structural integrity, also as it was overhanging the streets power cables, it was causing risk of damage if it eventually fell.

Melbourne Tree Removal and Pruning
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Contact Axetion Tree Services for Melbourne tree removal:

0409 943 013

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