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Stump Removal - Axetion Tree Services

Axetion Tree Services offer Melbourne's south eastern and bayside suburbs a complete tree stump removal service.

Melbourne tree removal and pruning experts Axetion Tree Services have a wide range of the latest model stump grinders to suit any stump. So whether it be a small backyard stump to a large commercial multi stump job, they've always got you covered.

Give Melbourne tree removal and pruning specialists Axetion Tree Services a call today if you are concerned about tree removal, tree pruning or stump removal in any of Melbourne's south eastern and bayside suburbs.

At Axetion Tree Services, our main Melbourne stump removal services include:

  • Tree pruning and dead wooding
  • Tree crown clearing/uplifting and thinning
  • Tree clean out/dangerous limb removal
  • Removal of braches obstructing footpaths, fences, driveways, electricity and phone lines
  • Removal of branches overhanging houses or public areas
  • Fence line clearing
  • Storm damage prevention
  • Tree reports
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Tree removal
  • Stump removal

The smallest of our range, this stump machine is used for narrow access stumps or difficult terrain



Melbourne Tree Removal and Pruning
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Contact Axetion Tree Services for Melbourne stump removal:

0409 943 013

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